Enjoy Wooden Boats built by Ennis and Sons. We specialize in the contruction of skin boats, or skin-on-frame boats.  These boats include Canoes, Kayaks, Sailboats, Baidarka Kayaks, Greenland Kayaks, and Birchbark Canoes.  Our master craftsment also build one-of-a-kind , Cedarstrip Canoes, Fishing Boats and and Sailboats.  Before we build any boat, we analyse the needs of our patron.  Any woodenboat built by Ennis and Sons must meet the needs of its user.  This means each new boat, canoe, kayak, baidarka or birchbark,  must have the right balance of strength, speed, maneuverability and weight to suit its occupants.  That is why Ennis and Sons has a wide selection of materials to choose from in building our canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and other wooden boats.  While one paddler's needs might best be met by using a Dacron skin, another's might be met by using a ballistic nylon covering.  We might choose a man-made material for one boating enthusiast while for another, we might choose a natural skin like birchbark.  If a skin boat does not fit our customer's needs, Ennis and Sons can customize cedar strip and lapstrake contruction to meet the need.  Finally, before you leave our site, download free ebooks, and movies, published by Arohanui Inc.  These ebooks and movies show the building of  baidarka kayaks and birchbark canoes.  Download a streamed movie on the building of a skin boat or skin-on-frame, wooden, canoe.  Thank-you for your interest in Ennis and Sons Boatworks.
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Ennis & Sons Boatworks

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Building a bow for a Baidarka Kayak
The goals of Ennis & Sons Boatworks is to build the finest handcrafted boats.  These boots include canoes (cedar strip canoes, birchbark canoes and skin-on-frame canoes), kayaks (baidarka kayaks and Greenland kayaks), sailboats, and fishing boats.   
Download e-books and film.  These resources demonstrate the building of some of our boats.  You will see the building of a kayak, and two canoes.  One canoe is a birchbark canoe and the other vessel is a baidarka kayak.  We specialize in the construction of skin-on-frame boats,  cedar strip canoes, sailboats, kayaks of all type, and fishing boats .
This page provides links to other sites related to boats.  Topics included are antique boats (canoes, kayaks, motor boats, fishing boats),  wooden boat museums, wooden boat associations, canoe museums and associations.
We hope that after learning more about Ennis & Sons Boatworks you will contact us to discuss having a boat made for you.  Each canoe (cedar strip, skin-on-frame, cedar strip or birchbark), kayak (baidarka or Greenland), sailboat, or fishing boat is individually designed and built to meet the customer's needs.
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Ennis and Sons Boatworks, has been involved in boatbuilding for over 25 years.  We are proud to offer you one of a kind handcrafted canoes and handcrafted kayaks. Our specialty is the building of skin on frame; also referred to as skin boats. Such boats as Birchbark canoes and Baidarka kayaks, are skin boatsFishing boats, sailboats,any style of canoe and kayak,  can be made as a skin boat. Ennis and Sons will also design and construct cedarstrip canoes also know as a cedar strip canoe.  After 25 years of boat building, Ennis and Sons knows how to build fine handcrafted boats. Imagine owning your own canoe, kayak, baidarka or birchbark. You will enjoy a boat built by Ennis and Sons for a lifetime..  President, Dr. Jeff Ennis, is a skilled craftsman and canoeist.  Thank-you for having browsed through our website.  We hope you downloaded our free ebooks and free movies, demonstrating the building of a birchbark canoe, a baidarka kayak and the building of a skin boat, baidarka kayak and canoe.  Please contact us to discuss what boat is just right for you.
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